Loto Del Sur: The Colombian Brand You Need in Your Beauty Cupboard

Nothing makes me happier than discovering a new beauty brand on my travels. It's so much fun to have a play with different products infused with local beauty rituals, local ingredients and sometimes even scents specific to a given part of the world. Many times, you even discover original fragrances or beauty-enhancing ingredients you've never even heard of. 

I don't find a new beauty brand every time I hit the road, but when I do, it literally feels like I've struck gold.

Loto de Sur's shop + interiors

So you can imagine my joy when, in the back alleys of Cartagena, Colombia, I stumbled across the beautiful Loto Del Sur. The brand initially caught my eye with its glorious shop interiors. After a few minutes of gazing through the shop's windows, I dragged my poor unassuming travel buddy inside to explore. And after what I suspect may have actually been many hours later, we both walked out with a bagful of beauty goodies. 

Loto Del Sur has a modern yet oh-so-very Parisian aesthetic. You feel like you've stepped into your (very wealthy) grandmother's lavatory, where you can sip refreshing hibiscus tea whilst you have a nose around her beauty cupboards. And the beauty products are so beautifully curated along the shop's shelves it's nearly impossible not to want to buy them all. 

Loto Del Sur's candle line, made with scents from the region

Loto del Sur offers a mix of goodies from delicious candles for your home to all-natural vegetable soaps to stunning body care that includes silky body oils and exfoliating body scrubs. 

The brand is also proudly Colombian, so the regional touches are fantastic. I picked up Bálsamo Milagroso, a luxurious lip balm, in the Limonada de Coco scent, which is based on the traditional coconut and lime smoothie you can find throughout Colombia. Loto Del Sur's candles all have regional notes too, including Andean jasmine and Argentinian verbena. 

Loto del Sur's beautiful body care bottles

I also picked up an aromatic body mist in Mimosa y Tangerina, a light and energising scent perfect for travelling. Admittedly, I've had to decant it from its luxurious glass packaging but I'm drowning myself in it almost daily, so it gets lighter by the minute. 

September 2018 UPDATE: Loto Del Sur now has an online website. Get shopping here!

Unfortunately, Loto Del Sur doesn't have a major digital presence, which I find somewhat surprising given the sophistication of the brand. However, there are multiple shops in Bogota alongside the one I visited in Cartagena. You can also follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook. Go and check them out and harass them into opening an online shop. Until then, I guess we'll just have to settle for booking a trip to Colombia and popping into one of their traditional shops.

Happy travels, fellow beauty lovers! 

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