About the beauty backpacker

I'm Yari, a travel and beauty blogger exploring our beautiful planet and discovering the best global beauty products, traditions and rituals along the way.

I'm a self-confessed travel junkie (50+ countries and counting), bit hard by the travel bug at a young age, thanks to my adventurous parents and my mixed Latin and American upbringing. I’m a New Orleans and Florida girl by birth but a Londoner, and global wanderer, by choice. 

And then, there's beauty. Nothing brings me more joy than perfecting my night-time skincare routine or applying my signature red lip. 

But what I love more than anything is the diversity of beauty - from the rituals to the indie beauty brands - that can be found across the globe.

This blog is all about celebrating these; from the quirkiest spas (mud bath, anyone?) to the most unheard of beauty treatments to the local beauty brands that make a woman feel beautiful in her corner of the world. 


Here, I share each and every travel adventure, with my top travel tips and destination guides, alongside the most exciting global beauty discoveries I’ve made around the world.

Just think of me as your Travel Fairy Godmother, here to sprinkle a little stardust that spices up both the way you travel and your beauty routine back home.

I hope my little corner of the interwebs inspires you to take a trip (way, way) outside your comfort zone or leads you to a destination you didn’t even know existed. Or that your suitcase comes back filled with a few too many beauty goodies that completely shake up your skincare routine. But most importantly, I hope you touchdown with a greater awareness of the world’s incredibly diverse beauty and a newfound appreciation for what makes you uniquely beautiful.

Happy adventuring and please do say hello! 

Yari (aka The Beauty Backpacker) xxx