Dr Jackson's: The British Brand You Need In Your Beauty Cupboard

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to discover a new beauty favourite closer to home, saving both the carbon footprint and costs of international shipping and making it so much easier to restock your beauty cupboard when it’s run dry. And the latest beauty brand to join the ranks of my bathroom #shelfie is none other than Dr Jackson’s, a brilliant British beauty brand developed a stone’s throw away from my own East London neighbourhood.

I discovered Dr Jackson’s on a recent hunt for an all natural face serum to help sort out my dry, thirty-something skin. This of course involved a trip to my Holy Grail beauty shop, Space NK, where I spent ages talking shop - and my skin woes - with the staff. After testing countless products on my skin, I finally chose to bring Dr Jackson’s home. Partly due to its immediate soothing effects on my skin but also because I was curious (and highly impressed) by this indie beauty brand’s strong ethical ethos.

As my content (and my tastes) have evolved over the last few years, I’ve taken a growing interest in sustainable beauty and natural and organic skincare. Because its better for my skin, but more imperatively, because it’s better for the planet. I am much happier putting my money behind conscious beauty brands making wise, considered choices about their ingredients, their packaging and the communities they impact around the world.

Dr Jackson’s vegan and cruelty-free serum works wonders on parched skin

And Dr Jackson’s, a brilliant all natural botanical skincare brand does exactly that. Before launching the brand, the doctor himself studied - quite literally - with shamans and healers all over South America, Asia and Africa. This fact alone makes my inner hippie very happy. These global experiences inspired Dr Jackson’s keen interest in botanical beauty and organic skincare. Today, Dr Jackson’s products very much reflect this ethos. Powerful botanical ingredients infuse every single product, which also makes them free from parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances and other synthetics. The brand has taken some of the best local beauty secrets and ingredients from around the world and incorporated them into a curated selection of simple but powerful botanical face products.

If you’re new to this British beauty brand, I highly recommend you start with Dr Jackson’s Face and Eye Essence, which I’ve now sworn by for over six months and gets full credit for having sorted out my post-backpacking parched skin. Though it’s called an ‘essence,’ it’s more of a magical vegan serum that turns my moody skin into one big glow fest. And the results are instant. I even find that if I go without this baby for more than a week, the dry patches around my lips and eyebrows start to resurface. The packaging is great too - a simple glass pot with a small ladle to help you keep the product fresh and bacteria-free. Ingredients include baobab seed oil and kigelia fruit extract, damask rose flower water, aloe leaf juice and roman chamomile flower. And like any good serum it hydrates and nourishes deep layers of your skin. I apply this day and night on freshly cleansed and misted skin. More recently, I started using Dr. Jackson’s Everday Oil which also packs a serious botanical punch. It contains marula oil and baobab oil (both of which are fundamental in African skincare) as well as calendula and arnica. I use this vegan face oil just before bed, rubbing a few drops onto my face with my fingers before massaging it in with my rose quartz roller. It helps with dry spots, problem skin, scars and stretch marks.

And I’m pretty confident that this combo explains why I’ve been complimented on my glowy skin so much in the last few months.

So if you’re looking for a brand that nourishes your skin as well as the planet, then give Dr Jackson’s a go. And let me know how long it takes before the world starts commenting on your newfound glow.

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