Moonlit Skincare: The L.A. Brand You Need in Your Beauty Cupboard

Is there anything better than applying your favourite skincare just before bed? I think not. Taking even just 10 minutes at the end of my day to clean my skin and massage in my favourite night oil always makes me feel so good. It adds that tiny bit of luxury to an otherwise ordinary day.

So you can imagine my sheer delight when I discovered Moonlit Skincare, the latest indie beauty brand to wrangle its way into my beauty cupboard.

This Los Angeles-based beauty brand is right up my street. Why? Because their products are not just incredibly nourishing on your skin, they’re also designed to help you get some serious zzz’s. Each one is created in line with the brand’s ethos - that good sleep is truly the best elixir for good skin. Moonlit Skincare’s beauty range is small (it includes their Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil, Power Down Powder 2-in-1 Mask and Slumber Bath Salts) but every product packs a serious punch. All the brand’s ingredients also happen to hail from Bali (the wellness capital of the world) and each beauty goody comes natural, vegan and cruelty-free.     

Moonlit Skincare’s Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil has quickly become my to-go evening moisturiser. It’s luscious but still lightweight so it melts right into your skin. It also comes dripping in lavender oil so you start to unwind as soon as you apply. I’ll admit I was a little wary at first - that perhaps it was all too gimmicky to be true - but I’ve now been using this night-time face oil for months and I continue to wake up with supple, nourished and glowing skin. I apply Midnight Shift right when I get into bed, massage it in with my rose quartz roller and mediate with the scent of lavender tickling my nose.

The brand was founded by Kriszta and Stephy, two savvy, entrepreneurial ladies who met at university. With a background in both beauty and design, they realised the beauty world was missing a serious trick and they decided to create the perfect (and might I add, affordable) skincare product to nourish both your skin and mind at bedtime.

I love Moonlit Skincare’s original thinking, but I love the results on my skin more. So if you’re looking to enhance your goddess glow – or just need that little extra something to help you nod off to sleep – I highly recommend making Moonlit Skincare your new skincare bestie.

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The Cool Los Angeles Skincare Brand You Need In Your Cupboard

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