Why My Trip to the Uyuni Salt Flats Was an Epic Fail

If you've booked a trip to Bolivia, you're probably headed to the Uyuni Salt Flats. Because it's this show-stopping natural wonder that puts this landlocked South American country on most travellers' radars. And for good reason. Though there are other cool places to explore in Bolivia too. But I digress. Already.

Scenic views in the heart of Uyuni 

There are countless blogs that will tell you everything from why you need to visit Uyuni to how to get there to which tour to book at what time of year. So why bother cluttering the internet with even more advice, you ask? Well, mostly because I love to write about travel and share my tips with fellow adventurers. But this time, it's also because I had a nightmare travel experience in Uyuni,  and I want this little corner of the internet to help stop it from happening to someone else. So you don't end up like me, hating most of your experience of what is literally one of the most breathtaking, otherworldly landscapes on the planet. 

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The Cemetery of Trains 

The Cemetery of Trains

Though I lived to tell the tale of my Uyuni trip, and as you can see, have some pretty fantastic photos to show for it, I certainly wouldn't relive the experience. And if I'd made different choices, I wouldn't have ended up the only young(ish) single female on a tour with 30+ senior citizens (rather than with other trés chic, good-looking flashpackers, ha!), missing out on a soak in thermal baths under a star-filled sky, and worst of all, fearing for my life in a tour car with a drunk driver. 

Salt Flats selfie

So, here are my essential tips and tricks to help you plan your trip to Uyuni and avoid any trouble along the way, making your travels through Bolivia's Salt Flats the most epic adventure ever.

1. Don't wait until the last minute: Like any good traveller, I like to live spontaneously. But sometimes it really does pay off to plan. I arrived in Uyuni by bus (from Sucre it's about 7 hours, from La Paz it's about 8 hours) and booked with the first tour agency I met because I needed something urgently for the next day. Huge, huge mistake. Now, this is typically not my style but I'm going to call out the tour agency I went with because it was downright awful. Do not (I repeat do not) book an Uyuni tour with a company called Tours Y Bol. You can check out other horrible reviews here. 


2. Do your research:  If you're not holidaying for long, do some research online and book a highly rated Uyuni tour in advance. This will be slightly more expensive but a lot more secure. If you're a backpacker with no concrete travel dates, read up and have some reputable agencies in mind when you arrive. Then give yourself a buffer day in Uyuni town to speak to a few agencies and choose a tour and Uyuni experience that's really right for you. As a starting point, Lonely Planet recommends Cordillera Tours and Esmerelda Tours. But these don't always get rave reviews online. So speak to as many agencies as you can firsthand and pick the one that feels right to you. 

At the famous Eagle Rock 

3. Ask ALL of the questions about your tour driver / chauffer: This is my most crucial tip. The sad truth is that there has been multiple tourist deaths in Uyuni due to drunk drivers. Ensure your experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible. Find out everything you can about your driver and his certification as well as the agency's policies. And read other travellers' reviews. I can't emphasise this enough. You don't want to end up trying to get your driver to stop drinking and refusing to get back in the car in the middle of the desert.  Yes, this really happened. 

Watching the geysers in action 

4. Assemble a tour group yourself or ask to meet with your fellow travellers beforehand: You're going to spend an intense three or four days with your fellow salteños so you really want to get this right. I didn't. I was lied to, told I'd be travelling with a young Spanish couple and some Canadians chaps. In reality, I was paired up with a group of 30 or more seniors from Peru. Admittedly, they really looked after me, and this now makes for a hilarious story for my next dinner party, but this was not the epic adventure I'd had in mind. So pick the people you want to travel with, or demand that the agency introduce you to your group beforehand. Because why not? This can literally make or break your Uyuni experience. 

With my unexpected tour group grandmas, who ended up really looking after me in the end

5. Clarify your Uyuni route in advance: There is a traditional circuit that takes you through the Trains Cemetery, two lagoons (Laguna Colorada and Laguna Verde), thermal baths, the original Salt Hotel (in addition to the grimier ones you'll sleep in), the volcano Licancabur, the geysers and the salt lake itself. You can end your tour in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, and continue your travels from there or wrap back around to Uyuni town. But you have the option to choose the order of this circuit and when you will stop where. I didn't know this and later found out I'm missed out on a few classic Uyuni experiences. So get a good sense of the various routes and choose the circuit and timings that suit you. 

Jumping around at one of the many salt lagoons

6. Check the weather and save some £££: Once again, my tour agency exaggerated the cold weather conditions and convinced me to spend more money to rent a sleeping bag. But, not only were there plenty of warm sheets provided in the salt hotels, my driver also forgot to bring it along. Luckily I managed to track down the agency and get my money back (and tell them off, obvs!) after the tour. Don't be tricked into any unnecessary extras. 

Our salt hotel and accommodation for the night

The sunlight catching the cacti 

7. Avoid rock-bottom prices: If the price of the tour sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Dirt cheap Uyuni tours are cheap for a reason. Be prepared to pay a little more for an agency that will offer you the full Uyuni circuit, a safe and certified driver and an Uyuni experience that actually deserves your hard-earned cash.

So there you have it: my rundown of my epic Uyuni Salt Flats fail. Follow these travel tips and you'll have an unforgettable experience in Uyuni too. But for the right reasons. 

Getting attacked by dinosaurs (or just playing with the perspective in the Salt Flats) 

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7 tips for an epic uyuni salt flats adventure

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