Blow Ltd: The Dream At-Home Beauty Service for Busy Female Travellers

In today’s world, so dominated by the culture of busy, it can feel impossible to catch up with yourself. Whether that’s because you’re drowning in work and endless personal commitments, you’re doing your best to build your side hustle or you’re just always on the road. Hands up, fellow travel junkies.

In the last month alone I’ve squeezed in three trips, which means my time at home has mostly (who am I kidding - only) consisted of getting through life admin, unpacking and repacking and doing my best to churn out some content in between. (Oh, the backlog.)

So when Blow Ltd. gifted me a mobile beauty service, I was - to put it mildly - ecstatic. A relaxing facial, using beauty products I adore, all enjoyed within the comfort on my own home. Yes, please. This is what self-care dreams are made of.


My massage table and an absolutely lush Decléor serum, both used during my at-home beauty treatment

And so it was that one foggy London morning, in between countless loads of laundry, I received a gentle knock on my door. There I was greeted, with a warm smile and a suitcase full of beauty goodies, by the lovely Marina. Buzzing with excitement, I showed her to my lounge where she unpacked her Mary Poppins bag of (beauty) tricks. Meanwhile, I filled in a brief consultation form on Blow Ltd’s mobile app, detailing my skin type and current skin condition to help tailor my at-home facial treatment. With this information and one good look at my parched winter skin, Marina chose Blow Ltd’s Decléor Ultimate Vitamin Glow Facial for my mobile beauty experience.

Marina preparing the ingredients for my Blow Ltd at-home facial

And before I’d even blinked, a massage table and a row of lush Decléor products had taken over my lounge. To complete set up, I personally provided two large towels (to overlay on the massage table), a small facial towel and access to my kitchen and kettle to boil hot water. With everything good to go, I undressed from the waist up and laid myself onto the massage table. Marina switched on some soothing meditative music and I instantly felt myself sink deeper into the cushions.

All the facial products used for the Blow Ltd’s Decléor Ultimate Vitamin Glow Facial

The facial itself lasts about an hour but you’ll be shocked at how much gets squeezed into that time. First, my skin was cleansed and toned. And once fresh-faced, Marina used five distinct massage techniques to help soak a few nourishing Decléor elixirs into my skin. At which point it was nearly impossible to stay awake; both the aromatherapy and the facial massage tipped me into deep relaxation. I was then flipped onto my belly so Marina could perform a back diagnostic. This alternative treatment involves a light back massage which also functions a bit like reflexology. It helps identify which internal organs need a bit more TLC based on which parts of your back become warm to the touch after massage.

The Decléor decongesting face mask used during my at-home facial

Then, back on my front, the deep facial work really began. This involved a few more facial massages before my face was coated in a light gauze followed by a thick, creamy oat-based decongesting mask that slowly sank its way into my skin, absorbing all the nutrients I was clearly craving most. Once dry, Marina gently peeled these layers off, applied a few more Decléor lotions and potions and massaged that last bit of Goodness into my skin before gently whispering that my facial was complete.

Half asleep, I somehow managed to peel myself off the massage table, thank Marina for the brilliant treatment and get on with my day. By which I mean mostly lounging on the sofa savouring the after effects of this tranquil beauty experience. And seriously - what a difference it makes to go straight from massage table to mattress, without having to face the masses on the Tube in your dreamy, zombie-like state.

Though I did manage to get off the sofa, folks. You know, to walk to the loo, look in the mirror and admire my brand new glow.

Book your brilliant Blow Ltd beauty service here.

*This at-home facial was a gift from Blow Ltd., in exchange for an honest review. All opinions, words and photos are my own.


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