Sóley Organics: The Icelandic Brand You Need in Your Beauty Cupboard

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve written a post about a cool indie beauty brand discovered on my travels. Forgive me. I (still) have so much travel content backlog from my backpacking trip round the world, so beauty’s taken a bit of a hit. Plus, I like to properly test out a new beauty brand before I start shouting about it from the rooftops - or my laptop. But Iceland’s beauty brand, Sóley Organics? Yea it’s really, really good.

I discovered Sóley almost two years ago, well before I even launched The Beauty Backpacker. But then sh*t hit the fan, I packed up my things and went backpacking for a year and I completely forgot I’d tucked away this amazing indie beauty brand in the back of my cupboard. But whilst unpacking all my beauty goodies (yes, I was like a kid in a sweets shop), I thankfully rediscovered Sòley Organics.

Sóley was founded by Icelandic actress Sóley Elíasdóttir. After years in the entertainment business and ready for a change, she followed in her great-great grandmother’s footsteps and moved into the world of healing and natural herbs. In the 1800s, Grasa-Þórunn (Sóley’s granny) was renowned for her all-natural healing tonics and tinctures. This knowledge was passed down to each generation, so Sóley and her family certainly know a thing or two about natural skincare and health remedies.


Every Sóley ingredient comes from the Icelandic earth, which means the brand is fully-certified organic and that each and every product is packed with Icelandic plants and herbs, made with fresh mountain water and mixed with carefully curated carriers and oils. And because Iceland’s summers are always rather short, its believed that these local herbs - yarrow, birch, willow and bearberry - are packed with an extra punch of nutrients and energy to survive the long harsh winter. A punch that goes right into Soley’s skincare and beauty products and straight onto your skin.

But given that Sóley’s ethos is “what you put on your skin is food for your skin,” its no surprise that each and every ingredient matters. This is true across all of their products. And Sóley has a Collection called Heal that does exactly what it says on the tin. I can vouch for this myself, having fallen in love with both the Sóley Healing Balm and the Sóley Healing Lip Balm. But I guess if Sóley’s products can heal skin in the depths of an Icelandic winter, then they were bound to work on me too. And these babies not only cure dry skin but can also help with eczema, psoriasis or a skin rash.


If you’re planning a trip to Iceland and want to indulge in a little spa treatment, you can even book yourself into the Sóley Natura Spa at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura, which offers tailor-made treatments using only Sóley products. Though I didn’t get the opportunity to visit, I trust it’s a perfect little hideaway to escape the harsh - and very moody - Icelandic weather.

But if you can’t get to Iceland to stock up on Sóley just yet, you can still get all their goodies online. Thank god for the interwebs, hey:

Sóley Organics

Jolie Beauty

Ecco Verde


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