Laniege: The South Korean Brand You Need in Your Beauty Cupboard

If you're as beauty obsessed as me, I'm certain Laniege will already be on your beauty radar. This K-beauty brand seems to be all the rage at the moment. So much so that Allure have just featured it in their August beauty box.  Until very recently, I didn't know Laniege (which is French for snow) even existed, but from the moment I discovered it, much like a word you've just learnt for the first time, it suddenly started cropping up everywhere.

I first spotted this South Korean beauty brand in what is probably my favourite place to browse for beauty: (probably no shocker here) the airport. Kuala Lumpur's airport to be exact, a hub I flew into countless times in my efforts to explore every corner of Southeast Asia this summer. And, as result, I ended up with more Laniege products that I probably need, because every time I entered the airport, I somehow seemed to exit with a bag full of Laniege goodies. 

What surprised me is that Laniege has actually been around for quite some time. Since 1994 in fact. But the company's grown slowly and strategically, expanding successfully in Asia before hitting Western shores in 2014. Sephora only started stocking this beauty brand in late 2017, following the likes of Target, who were the first to sell it in the United States. The product that's put Laniege on the map is its Lip Sleeping Mask. You apply this lip treatment overnight (it's a goopy, translucent, pink cream) and you wake up with dreamy, baby-soft lips. And seriously, this is no marketing sham; it really works.

But there's a lot more to this K-beauty brand than its superhero product. Laniege has trademarked its exclusive Water Science technology, which the brand uses in a range of hydration products; everything from traditional face creams to those ubiquitous Asian essences to nourishing sleep masks. They are all designed for the traditional Korean skincare routine, which can involve anywhere from five to ten steps, depending on how committed you are to your daily regime and how high your patience levels are. But for me, the real stand-out product is Laniege's two-tone lipstick. These babies come as both glossy lipsticks or translucent lip tints, and oh my word, are they beautiful. Depending on how you apply, you can use a different tone for your inner vs. outer lip for an ombre effect or you can blend the two shades to create a lovely multi-toned mix. I tend to blend them together, but on days when I'm feeling bold (or I'm headed to the likes of a festival) the ombre lip look works brilliantly. Let's just say this product has quickly moved its way up the ranks into my top-tier lip shades.

So if you've yet to dabble in the world of K-beauty, let Laniege be your perfect introduction. And if you're already a devotee, then get your hands on Laniege's brilliant hydration products. I promise they'll amp up your skincare rountine. Especially as the weather starts to cool. 

Where to Shop Laniege: 

UK Online: AmazonAll Beauty

USA Online: LaniegeAmazon

USA Shops: Target, Sephora

Around the world: Sephora

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