Esika: The Peruvian Brand You Need In Your Beauty Cupboard

It's that time of the month again. Time for my Beauty Cupboard series, that is.

Think of this as my monthly "Beauty Favourites," but with a twist. Instead of listing off a bunch of beauty things I'm currently loving, I select a killer beauty brand I've discovered on my recent travels that I think you, my dear fellow beauty junkie, will fall in love with too.

And as you may have gathered from the 'gram, I've racked up a hefty sum of airmiles recently, so my beauty cupboard (or should I say travel toiletries bag) is filled with an assortment of global beauty brands I've picked up on the road. I honestly think my travel makeup bag is probably as diverse as the stamps in my passport.

So March's go-to brand is *drumroll please*  from Peru. (I guess that's not too surprising given my last four posts.) I discovered Esika on a quick 24-hour jaunt through Lima. Which, for the record I plan to return to simply to eat more of the most delicious sushi I've had in my entire life. And for some more city exploring of course. 

Based solely on appearances, Esika is not really a beauty brand I'd ordinarily gravitate towards. I found the shop itself (located in one of Lima's incredible shopping centres) both a bit flashy and dramatic for my taste, so I assumed the beauty products probably wouldn't be to my liking. (What can I say - I'm a sucker for all things white and Scandi-chic.) But I popped in with an open mind anyway, keen to see what the Peruvian beauty scene had to offer. Before I knew it, I was being swept into a chair and getting a mini-makeover by one the very friendly Esika staff. Soon, I was sampling eyeshadows, blushers and lipsticks that were all beautifully suited to my olive skin and darker features. 

Esika's lip product range 

Esika's range includes makeup, skin care, body care and perfumes. So it's certainly a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. However, I think the brand's makeup line is the real standout, with an incredible selection of shades and tones that are particularly suited to Latinas and /or women with olive skin. Given that the brand is based in Lima, I guess this probably comes as no surprise. But because so many mainstream beauty brands still fail to design enough makeup shades and colours for every type of woman (yes, even in 2018), it was exciting (and refreshing, frankly) to find a shop chock full of products so suited to my specific features. 

It took some serious willpower to walk out of Esika with just one new lippie - in a shade aptly called Rosa Latina (Latin Rose). And I can confirm that it's the only lip colour I've worn for the last two months straight. It's the perfect creamy your-lips-but-better colour. And when I say it lasts ALL DAY, I mean I'm wiping it off when I take my makeup off at bedtime. Plus, it looks fabulous in combination with those orange-y eyeshadows that are all the rage right now. 

So if you're in the mood to mix up your beauty cupboard, particularly if you have olive to darker skin, and want some colours that will really enhance or add drama to your look, seriously check out Esika. Head to their website; it's in Spanish but there's always handy Google Translate. You can even have a play around with their lipstick colour predictor.  I scoured Amazon and found a few Esika products there too! But if you're more of a bricks-and-mortar kinda girl, then definitely include an afternoon trip to one of Lima's luxurious malls to your Peru itinerary for the full Esika experience. 

And let me know which products you fall in love with most in the comments below! 

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