The Best Haircut for Curls: My Go-To Salon in London

Stylists working their magic at Ena Salon

As any curly-haired girl can attest, maintaining luscious ringlets is no easy feat. Yes, there are those glorious days when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, every hair falls into place and you hum "maybe she's born with it" as you shake your curls in slow motion. But - let's face it - more often than not us girls with curls need all the extra help we can get. Whether that be in the form of the perfect curly hairstyling toolkit or the perfect haircut. 

So you can imagine my levels of joy when I discovered the ultimate hair salon for curly hair in London, Ena Salon.

The beautiful Davines collection at Ena Salon

Here, my bestie Helene deserves a massive shoutout for introducing me to this London gem after hearing rave reviews from a few friends who walked out with dreamy new curly hairstyles. I’m so glad I bypassed my initial scepticism (something anything a curly-haired girl who's suffered many a terrible haircut will understand) to give her advice, and Ena Salon, a go.

And boy did Ena immediately shatter any (and all) of my doubts.

I booked my very first appointment with Johnny, the salon’s co-founder. And straight away he was able to define my specific type of curl as well as the exact condition of my locks, which at the time, was frankly pretty rotten. He also designed my cut with one key principle in mind: how my curls would settle once dry. Which is sadly, something most stylists get shockingly wrong.

He also created fantastic layers. Which basically translates to “didn’t leave me looking like a mushroom-head.” And he talked me through a step-by-step routine on how to care for and style my curls on a regular basis, with even a take-home crib sheet included. Not to mention, he introduced me to my now beloved Davines, the haircare line I absolutely swear by to nurture my curls. This Italian organic brand is in fact the only line Ena stocks and it’s literally transformed the condition of my hair. But more on that in this post.



As for Ena, I was left in awe. And I've been a devotee ever since. 

I've since had my curls cut and styled by multiple Ena stylists and I always walk out with bouncy and beautiful ringlets. Every single stylist (no matter their level) knows how to cope with my rebellious locks and the attention to every detail is always superb. I recently had a more junior stylist chop my hair into the perfect curly bob and I am absolutely obsessed. So no matter your budget, you can trust you’re in safe hands at Ena.


Staircase to hair heaven and the best hair wash you could ever ask for

But it doesn’t stop there. Ena’s stunning interiors and killer service will make your salon experience extra luxe. Set in what was originally a Georgian townhouse, you feel like you've stepped right into someone’s lounge. And that someone happens to have impeccable taste in interiors. There are cozy chairs to sink into whilst you wait and beautifully curated Davines displays along driftwood tables and shelves. And whilst you’re settling in, you’re offered your choice of coffee or tea. Or wine if you prefer. Which, naturally, I always do.  

Then you're ushered upstairs for the most luxurious hair wash you could ever dream up. It’s impossible not to doze off during the lush head massage that's included.

So there you have it. My ultimate go-to London salon for all my fellow girls with curls. If you're based in the city, you must give it a try and put your long-suffering curls out of their misery. And if you're not, but are planning a trip to The Big Smoke, add Ena Salon to your 'London beauty' bucket list. It's a splurge you simply won't regret. 

Heading back into the city with my fresh new curly 'do


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