The It Luggage Brand Every Traveller Needs To Know

Gone are the days of dull luggage. It’s all about it suitcases. What was once a simple device used to transport your belongings from one destination to the next has now become the latest fashion accessory for the frequent female traveller. And though I’ll never betray my beloved backpacking kit, I can’t deny it’s nice to roll into a city break with a beautiful suitcase.

So this self-proclaimed travel junkie is frankly rather thrilled about this cultural zeitgest. Just like my round Harry-Potter-shaped glasses add a little flair to my otherwise average workday lewk, an it suitcase adds some extra pep in my travel-step. Of course, this counts for nothing if your luggage doesn’t cover the fundamentals: easy packing, keeping your things intact on a turbulent flight or speedy wheels that help you race through the airport so you don’t miss your flight. But if your suitcase can do all of the above and it’s pink, then well, you’re onto a real winner.

Just look at that pink polycarbonate beauty

Enter Chester suitcases. This no nonsense luggage brand has it all: fashion, function and a fair price. And sure - there are other luggage brands making a name for themselves with a lot more flash - but not always living up to the extreme hype. With a Chester suitcase, what you see is what you get. Luggage that does its job, but also helps you navigate the world with a lot more style. What more could you ask for?

So here are all the reasons why I love it.

It’s pink. Wait - have I mentioned that already? You can of course get Chester luggage in a range of colours including black, navy blue, slate, grey and sand. I just happen to have a thing for pink luggage.

It’s durable. In fact, all Chester suitcases are made from polycarbonate hardshell, a sturdy plastic that’s also lightweight, making that moment when you lift your luggage into the cabin bin a lot less painful for us solo female travellers. IMHO, this fact alone makes it the best carry on bag for a woman. Polycarbonate luggage is the way forward.

A very simple lock to keep your belongings extra secure

It’s also got silent spinner wheels. Which, admittedly, I didn’t know was a thing until I starting writing this post. But what I do know is that dragging your suitcase through the airport (or over a thick hotel carpet) is so much easier when your suitcase comes with these.

Excellent spinner wheels to help you fly through the airport

It’s killer interiors. Which, frankly, are the bit I think matters most. Like any suitcase, Chester splits into two compartments, but they’re designed in a way that makes the packing process a lot more organised. One side allows you to zip into multiple compartments, so you can easily pack your things by category (i.e. clothing, shoes, tech, etc.) This feature almost functions like packing cubes; they’re simply built into the suitcase itself. There’s also a removable laundry bag, so you’ve got a place to store your dirty clothes as they stack up on the road.

Well-designed interiors to easy, organised packing

It meets all the travel carry-on restrictions around the globe. Dimensions and requirements differ in different countries, and this puppy tackles them all. So you don’t have to fear those ridiculous last-minute checked bag fees from the low-cost European airlines. I’m looking at you, RyanAir.

It doesn’t charge your electronics. Which - though a smart, tech-friendly feature - has been known to cause travellers trouble when the battery is over 100 watts. And let’s face it, do you really need this anyway? I’ve always got a portable charger and on longhaul flights there’s usually a USB charging port anyway.

So there you have it. All the reasons why my fellow frequent travellers should invest in a Chester suitcase ahead of their next adventure.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a pink suitcase to pack.

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*Gifted Post: I was gifted a Chester suitcase, but all words, photography and views are my own.


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