Suitcase Magazine: The Perfect Travel and Lazy Saturday Morning Companion

My perfect lazy Saturday morning routine

I love a lazy weekend morning spent curled up in bed with a delicious homemade coffee and an even more delicious magazine. Preferably with the sound of rain in the background. When I was younger, I naturally gravitated towards the fashion favourites: InStyle and Vogue. But as my tastes and interests have evolved, you're now more likely to find me scouring the pages of a travel, interiors or design magazine. 

One of my most recent can't-put-it-down discoveries is Suitcase magazine. I discovered it browsing the aisles of WH Smith ahead of an upcoming holiday and it's become a loyal travel companion ever since. This beautiful magazine covers all things chic travel, without the cliches. It taps into more off-the-beaten-track places alongside the current trends that are shaping them. There are features on countries you might not traditionally add to your bucket list (Ghana, anyone?) as well as articles on cool local designers from the most unexpected cities. There are also the more traditional 'what to pack' stories but even these feel as though they've be written for those with a more creative flair. This article on Tahiti is one of my favourites and has certainly pushed me towards adding French Polynesia to my round-the-world-trip itinerary. I can't wait to pick up the latest edition, which includes travels through Peru and Granada in Spain. 

Suitcase's photography is also beautifully curated, which makes for very easy browsing, and the magazine itself is lovingly printed. I'd say it works well as both a travel companion and as a coffee table centrepiece if that's what you're after. And with quarterly editions you can freshen up this table centrepiece on a regular basis. 

So if you're looking for some travel inspiration - or just some beautiful eye candy for your lounge - definitely consider giving this one a go.


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