My Ultimate Top 5 Travel Jewellery Finds

Ganesh elephant ring: Ubud, Bali

Over the years, I've gathered a most interesting collection of jewels and trinkets from around the world. But like many things in my wardrobe, most haven't lasted. Fashion has changed, cheap finds have worn thin or I've simply outgrown my purchases. Sometimes even as soon as I've landed back home. What's a girl to do with a floppy straw hat from Istanbul in rainy London, anyway? Other times, my love affairs have just fizzled with the years. 

But there are a few special pieces that have survived the test of time and remain true staples in my jewellery cupboard. And there are a few recent discoveries I can't get enough of that have real potential for longevity. 

There's something so special about a piece of jewellery that you not only strongly associate with a place you've travelled to and loved but also with your everyday life and memories. Time turns trinkets into real treasures. 

Here are my five favourite travel jewellery finds. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the shop where I found many of these, but I'll do my best to describe the location and share links to any websites in case you're after something similar. 

1) Ganesh "elephant' ring from Bali, Indonesia (pic above): I picked this baby up on the Monkey Forest Road in Ubud. Now, if you've been to Bali, I know what you're thinking. And it's true. This is one of most touristy strips in town. But among the hawkers touting their wares in the market (which is good fun, mind you!) I found a small silver shop where I stumbled across this beauty. I spotted it and then did my best to walk away but I couldn't get it out of my head. I returned the next day to buy it. And it hasn't left my hand ever since. It is by far the piece that gets the most compliments from strangers and it's certainly one of the most original rings I own. 

2) Namaste and lotus flower necklace from Tampa, Florida: Tampa is home. So it's not a place that comes to mind when I'm hunting for cool new accessories. But every time I visit we have a family day out to one of my favourite places: Tarpon Springs. This beautiful pocket of Tampa is home to the largest Greek community in the United States as well as a small sponge diving industry. It also has the cutest little boutique, A Simple Peace, on Dodecanese Avenue which sells a collection of seaside treasures and small delicate jewellery. I nearly bought a mermaid necklace but opted for this simple piece by One Life Jewelry instead. I wear it everyday to remind me of what matters most: my sense of peace. 

Namaste and lotus flower necklace: Tampa, Florida

3) Moonstone and silver ring from Brooklyn Flea, NYC: A few years ago we planned a family trip to experience our first-ever Christmas in New York. And since my brother's based there, he was responsible for coordinating all the daytime activities. He took us to the Brooklyn Flea (a killer flea market) and I immediately fell in love. So many cool stalls: some vintage, some hipster and plenty of cool artisans selling their work. I spotted a stall with countless rings and my eyes kept drifting back to this beauty. I love the hammered silver and the reflections in the moonstone. And at $30, this was a steal! 

Moonstone and silver ring: Brooklyn Flea, NYC

4) Black and white striped earrings from Venice, Italy: I only recently picked these up on our 24-hour jaunt through Venice. I wasn't on the hunt for anything new but I popped into a local artistan's shop, Arte Vetro Murano, to admire her work and simply wasn't able to walk out without this beautiful pair. They're her original design and made from pure Murano glass. They're beautifully transparent and shine brilliantly in the sunlight. And they're just as perfect for a jeans and t-shirt kind-of-day as they are for a wedding. 

Black and white striped earrings: Venice, Italy

5) Brazilian agate ring from London, England: I picked this one up in Spitalfields Market, in the heart of East London. Among the hundreds of stalls, I was struck by the sheer bling factor of Beho. A magpie for sparkles, I wandered over and spent thirty minutes choosing the perfect shape and colour. It's made from agate and the rocks are left in their raw form to create that stunning shine. I always pair this with a very simple and classic look to give my outfit a little pop. 

Brazilian agate ring: London, England

Now here's a rogue item for good measure:

6) Colourful headscarf from Porto, Portugal: This one needs no introduction. It features in nearly every video (coming soon!) and many a photo on this little corner of the web. But I just adore it. I found this baby in a small shop called Santo da Casa near the main promenade in Porto. I love the mix of colours and patterns and I feel like a 1950s actress (hair swaying in the breeze of her convertible as she escapes to the seaside) whenever I wear it. Even if I'm just tidying up the house, this adds some glam to an ordinary day. 

Colourful headscarf : Porto, Portugal

So there you have it, the pieces that are likely to stay in my jewellry cupboard for life. What are your absolute favourite travel treasures? 

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